Hi Caleb,

Humor my delusion for a moment, won’t you? I need your help to assess just how delusional I really am.

How would you feel about any of the fact patterns involving Trump if Obama or Hillary or Democrats were the subject?

Would you have been OK with Obama trying to get dirt on Mitt Romney from the Iranians?

Would you have been OK with Democrats storming the SCIF while that portion of the Benghazi hearings were being conducted?

Would you have been OK with Obama talking to the Boy Scouts about offshore sex boat parties, or saying that he was a star so he could grab women by their pussies, or that he could walk in to “inspect" naked beauty pagent contestants’ dressing room?

Would you have been OK with Obama getting a kickback from Secret Service expenses so he could play golf?

Would you have been OK with Hillary inventing TV images of Westboro Baptist Church celebrating 9/11, when she was actually calling in to a TV show that day bragging that now that the Twin Towers fell, she had yhe tallest building in lower Manhattan?

Would you have been OK with the Chinese hacking into the RNC, the day after Hillary asked them to on TV, and then obstructing the investigation into Chinese interference in the election? And then saying, “ I like the Chinese very much, they buy millions of dollars worth of my books”?

How about if President Hillary appointed Chelsea as her special assistant, and they both used unsecured cell phones?

How about if Hillary fired James Comey and then appointed an Attorney General to look into why there was an investigation into her emails?

How about if the Clintons owned property in Istanbul, green lit the Turk’s attack on the Kurds, and one single freaking Isis prisoner escaped?

The list goes on and on. Tax evasion. Trump University. Appointing swamp creatures to the Cabinet. Dishonoring the members of the military and their families. Lies 1…50,000. Malignant Narcissism. His lawyers claiming that he is above the law.

You need to make a choice. Do you have principles that apply to both parties? Or are you willing to sacrifice all those principles just to own the libs?

I hope that you do have principles you believe in. I don’t love everything about the Democrats, and there are many in leadership I find appalling. But Trump is a danger to our nation and our species. His one skill is as a con artist. For us to create the nation we need, I need you to see that the Emperor has no clothes.

Your fellow American,


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